Ayesha Gulalai says Imran sent her irrelevant text messages

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Ayesha Gulalai says Imran sent her irrelevant text messages:-

ISLAMABAD: Ayesha Gulalai spoke at Nadeem Malik Live on Tuesday and said that PTI chief Imran Khan used to send her inappropriate text messages.

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Stating that the cricketer-turned-politician was a ‘characterless person’, Ayesha Gulalai said that Imran Khan and those sitting to his right and left used to send her inappropriate text messages.

Tweet Of Ayesha Gulalai

Tweet”Due to immoral Character of imran khan & the gang around him,calling PTI workers”Worthless”&”Chotay Workers”, & rampant  corruption by Imran Khan’s agent Parvez Khattak In KPK, MNA Ayesha Gulalai Wazir has left  PTI. She Will hold an urgent press conference Tomorrow.

On The Other Hand,

Imran Khan always respected me, says Naz Baloch

ISLAMABAD: Previous PTI part Naz Baloch said on Tuesday that Imran Khan constantly regarded her when she was in the gathering and said that he never sent her any wrong instant messages.

Talking at Nadeem Malik Live , Naz Baloch said that regardless of abandoning her gathering, she can express that she regarded Imran Khan and he had treated her well when she was an individual from PTI.

“For whatever length of time that I was in the gathering, I never got any improper instant messages from Imran nor from some other male individuals from the gathering,” she said.

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