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LIVE Updates | Supreme Court Hearing Panama Case Post JIT Report | 17 July 2017


ISLAMABAD News Updates: Supreme Court Monday resumed second hearing of landmark Panama Implementation case in the light of Joint Investigation Team’s final report on Sharif family’s financial assets.

10:59am: “Are these documents verified?” questioned Justice Aijaz-ul-Ahsan.

10:57am: Meantime, the Saudi government did not respond to the letter seeking legal assistance, Naeem Bukhari said adding the JIT obtained some relevant documents with the help of a legal firm.

10:50am: Naeem Bukhari said there is no mention of Qatar family in the ruling of Hudaibiya Papers Mills case.

He said the JIT dispatched four letters to record the statement of Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani; however, he is absolutely indisposed to accept the jurisdiction of Pakistan’s court.

Naeem Bukhari said the Qatari prince also raised objection to the court’s jurisdiction.

“We did not raise the Hill Metal issue which came to the fore in the aftermath of the SC’s April 20 ruling,” he added.

10:45am: Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed sdaid the original documents of Hudaibiya Papers Mills are sealed.

10:44am: Justice Ejaz Afzal further said the court will give its ruling in consonance with all the legal limits, adding Shehbaz Sharif’s statement can be examined under the clause-161 of criminal law.

10:35am: Justice Ejaz Afzal said Shehbaz Sharif appeared before the interrogators as a witness, adding Shehbaz Sharif’s statement can only be used to highlight the contradiction.

Naeem Bukhari said it was necessary to be trustee that Maryam Nawaz had bearer certificates adding the JIT declared trust deed as faked and the forensic experts also objected to the font of this trust deed.

Bukhari said the JIT revealed the font was not available in 2006 when the trust deed was made.

London flats are owned by Sharif family from the day one, Bukhari said adding the JIT also debunked the Qatari worksheet.

Bukhari said the JIT found out the London flats to be owned by Maryam Nawaz, adding the JIT did not find any mention of London flats in the hereditary distribution.

Bukhari said PM Nawaz did not mention Qatari capital in his address to the nation and in the National Assembly.

10:10am: Justice Ejaz Afzal said according to the JIT, there was no money for investment in Qatar.

10:00am: Naeem Bukhari said two of five-judge panel of the apex court ruled disqualification of PM Nawaz in April 20 verdict and three others ordered to form a JIT for further investigations.

The JIT in question has filed its final report at the behest of the court, Bukhari said adding now the court is all set to rule on this case in the light of this report.

Naeem Bukhari said it was claimed that Gulf Steel Mills was purchased in 33 million dirhams, adding the JIT held Tariq Shafi’s statement as misleading.

Bukhari said the JIT declared the agreement of April 14, 1990 as self-engineered, adding Tariq Shafi represented Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the agreement.

The JIT acquired legal assistance in the UAE, Bukhari said adding the contradictions were found in the statements by Tariq Shafi and Hussain Nawaz.

Later, Shehbaz Sharif distanced himself from the matter, Bukhari said adding the JIT held Qatari investment as a myth.

Bukhari said Gulf Steel Mills was not sold in 33 million dirham and Sharif family could not prove its stance regarding Gulf Steel Mills.

09:40am: The reply on the part of Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar filed in the apex court.

Dar’s counsel said his response consists of objections.

All parties in the case, including the members of Sharif family, are expected to attend final round of hearing.

A three-member SC bench led by Justice Ejaz Afzal will hear the petitions seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over charges of money laundering and corruption.

On the other hand, the ruling party is expected to file a petition in the apex court challenging the JIT report.

The JIT submitted its final investigation report in the court on July 10, recommending filing of a corruption case against the PM and his children.


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